Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2015 07:55:08 +0000
Subject: Fame at last?

Hi Dave,
Can't send this by quill pen, but in my scouring of the world's anaesthetic literature I came across this:
I'm sure you've seen it before, but look at the "source" given at the foot of the page.
Do I have an anaesthetic doppelganger?  The thing is, I know nothing about it!
Ah, the wonders / perils(?) of th'Interweb

Just take the credit anyway. It could augment your CV for when they start granting retrospective CEA points.
I had been convinced that it might be you until I saw this:

"He was the first person to introduce anaesthesia in childbirth"

You can imagine the scene:

Snow:     Good morning, Your Queeniness, I'd like to introduce you to Mr Chloroform.
Vicky:     Good morning, Mssrs Snow and Chloroform.
Snow:     I must warn you, Your Queeniness, that Mr Chloroform has strange mental effects on those that he meets.
Vicky:     Oh, one is feeling as if one has had a swig from the sherry cask already. Bertie, hold one up.
Snow:     He will have more profound effects, Your Queeniness.
Vicky:     Howay! What's gannin' on here, leyk? I'm arl ower the pleerce! Ya  fukka, it's leyk the Bigg Market on a Frider neet. Howay, ower here  Snowy man, gizza kiss. Eeeee, A'm passin oot!
Sound effects man: Thud!

And thus was born the Obstetric Anaesthesia Association.